Texas High School Football: More Than the Game (the book)

The exhibit that I curated for the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum – Texas High School Football: More Than The Game comes down after Sunday. It’s been a great experience all the way to the end. This week, I guided the great sportswriter Jim Dent (The Junction Boys, Twelve Mighty Orphans, Courage Beyond the Game), Ken Herrington, an Eight Man player for Woodson, along with his family, and Coach Butch Ford of the Celina Bobcats and his wife, among other. Ken, who lives in Graham,had a stroke not too long ago, and as his wife and daughters explained, his life was saved by quick action from their neighbors, Brad McCoy and his Colt.

For every story told in the exhibit, I learned ten new stories. Everyone has at least one, when it comes to Texas High School Football. As sad as I am to see the exhibit close, I’m thrilled that the exhibit catalog which was put together by my sister, Christina Patoski, in conjunction with Pentagram Design and under the good graces of the Reilly Family Foundation, will remain in print, distributed by University of Texas Press. If you got to experience the exhibit, I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, all I can say is, you really missed it.

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