Joe Nick’s Dallas Cowboys history book coming soon

Well, 2011 turned out to be an exceptionally average year for the Dallas Cowboys football club, wrapping up with an 8-8 average in a season marked by no less than four games that Dallas blew going into the fourth quarter.

(poster from the Dallas Observer)

The lousy performance will not stop publication of my next book, an unauthorized history of the Dallas Cowboys, which is scheduled for fall release by my publisher, Little, Brown.

The whole story is told, going back to 1842 when John Neely Bryan established the town site, pausing in 1952 to assess the unsuccessful season of the NFL’s Dallas Texans, who became the Baltimore Colts the next year, and pausing again in 1960 when the NFL Dallas Cowboys debuted, along with the American Football League’s Dallas Texans, all the way to the here and now.

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