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Here’s a revelation that we found surprising: Joe Nick Patoski — author of The Dallas Cowboys: The Outrageous History of the Biggest, Loudest, Most Hated, Best Loved Football Team in America — does not bleed blue and silver.

He grew up in Fort Worth and has a lifelong love of Texas football. But when it comes to the Cowboys, whose history he explores in a book that’s more than 800 pages, Patoski is no Crazy Ray.

In fact, his first favorite team as a kid in the early 1960s was the Dallas Texans. “I was an Abner Haynes fan,” Patoski says.

Today, he sees himself as just an “interested bystander” when it comes to Cowboys football.

That said, Patoski has always found the “America’s Team” mystique and the story behind it to be thoroughly fascinating. That’s the real reason he wrote the book, which arrives in stores Tuesday.

He’ll be at Barnes & Noble at the Hulen Shopping Center (4801 Overton Ridge Blvd., Fort Worth) at 7 p.m. Wednesday to talk football and to sign copies.

— David Martindale, Special to the Star-Telegram

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