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Caught in the Crossfire - book coverJuly 9, 2004 Reviewer: “rooster1956” from Harrison, Arkansas
This biography on Stevie Ray Vaughan is the best I have seen so far. To me, it is the defining biography until Dan Forte comes out with the “official” bio. It shows that while many view Stevie as a god, and thought that he was this mystical figure, it shows that he was just an average joe, who happened to have extraordinary abilities. The most interesting part of the book to me is when the fan presents him with a rubbing of Hendrix’s gravestone, and he tells the fan to get rid of it, saying that it is too creepy. This book also shows how Stevie became who he was, and how the insecurities that he had enabled him to become the great guitar player that he was. I’ve reread this book 6 times since I owned it. It’s like my favorite movie: I just keep going back to it again and again. Rave On Stevie Ray, may you rest in peace, and may you play a hell of a jam with Hendrix and Albert King in that Great Gig In The Sky.

Crawford/Patoski Stevie Ray Vaughan Biography Papers
Southwestern Writers Collection – Texas State University-San Marcos
Bill Crawford and Joe Nick Patoski have been involved in writing and the music industry for most of their adult lives. From 1990 to 1993, they combined their literary talents and connections with the music industry insiders to write an unauthorized biography of blues guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990), who died in a helicopter accident near East Troy, Wisconsin. read more

“It did not take long for Stevie Ray Vaughan the man to be replaced in the public eye by Stevie Ray Vaughan, the legend. Dying tragically at the age of thirty-five made him an immediate object of worship in the great rock-and-roll tradition. Dying under such tragic circumstances after overcoming his own personal battles with the demons of booze and drugs elevated him to something just short of sainthood.”

— Joe Nick Patoski and Bill Crawford, Caught in the Crossfire

Album Review: SRV by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble [Texas Monthly, November 2000]