SXSW Top Ten I Missed

A few shows I heard about and wish I'd seen. Can't do it all. Roky Erickson sings at Threadgill’s Roky Ice Cream Social for the first time in years, backed by the Explosives. And he’s feeling fine.
Roy Head doing a fiery send up “One More Time”, his obscure not-so-big hit 45 for TNT Records at Mojo Nixon’s Birthday Party at the Continental, then does the Gator to cap off a scorching version of his signature piece “Treat Her Right” that out-James Browns James Brown. Godfather, better brush off the knee pads and get busy.

Go! Team in East Austin. UK rockers so buzzy, even Corcoran couldn’t get in.

Kaiser Chiefs at La Zona Rosa. I wanted to see this much touted British band but only heard the drumbeat beats while standing in line in the chill for an hour and a half waiting to get in, another reminder that rather than wait, go see another band..

Chingo Bling at Fox & Hounds. Rap for Mex immigrants from the smartest (and funniest) vato on this side of the Rio.

Plastina Mosh. SXSW regulars from Monterrey NL still stirring up the moshers with incendiary ska.

Johnny Bush at the Texicalli Grille. The Country Caruso up close.

Jimmy Elledge. New Orleans singer who did the first recorded version of Willie Nelson’s “Funny (How Time Slips Away)” preceding both Joe Hinton and Ray Price, emerges from out of the woodwork to knock the socks off more than a few.

Ian Hunter. I have no clue how old he is because the hair and sunglasses render him as timeless as ZZ Top, a smart career move at his level of maturity. But I do know he rocks, all the way to Memphis.

Hardcore Country Band at Austin Music Awards. . Alvin Crow knows redneck like he knows western swing and demonstrated his extensive knowledgea stellar demonstration with a stellarcollection of veterans who’ve gravitated to Austin and made the city better for it.

Grupo Fantasma. Hearing Bob Harris rave about ‘em on his Beeb show, then play ‘em convinced me. Under my own ear.

Blind Boys of Alabama Austin Music Hall. Church doesn’t come around often.

Buddy Miller and the Fairfield Four. Like I said, can't do it all.

Eryrkah Badu at Austin Music Hall. Her panel was packed (on a Saturday, no less) and she got a standing ovation at the end. But she was at least a half hour late before starting the last slot of the night.

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