Monday/SXSW--La Sierra and Lyle

La Sierra and Lyle Lovett Friday night, Kris and I saw La Sierra, a documentary about street life in a poor barrio of Medellin, Colombia, where instead of gangs, kids align with either the Paramilitaries or the Guerillas, and use real guns and weapons to protect their turf. The film follows several characters over the course of year including the local commander, Edison, a charismatic figure with numerous children by different women and a fatalistic vision on life. The images are riveting and the role of gun culture plays in keeping the peace is disturbing. Overall, good enough to stick around for the Q and A and miss the Wilson Bros.' premier.

Monday morning, Lyle Lovett was the first guest on KGSR's Kevin & Kevin Week at the Four Seasons Lobby Bar. It was a low key start with drop ins including Stephen Tobolowsky, Amy Grappell, the director of "Light From the East" about her theatre troupe visiting the Ukraine during the fall of the Soviet Union, and Paul Reiser (accompanied by Jeff "The Dude" Dowd), and the New Hot Damn with Trish Murphy and Kacey Crowley and Bob Scheider playing.

Lyle allowed that his next movie will be Robert Altman's collaboration with Garrison Keillor on the film version of "Prairie Home Companion" ("I'm one of the cowboys"), mentioned that he took Lauren Bacall to Lee Miller's for cowboy boots (best bootmaker in Texas, hands down) and was going back for a fitting for himself today, and complimented Charlie Sexton's production of Los Super 7. Lyle's a LS7 member now too with a kick-ass western swing assay of "My Window Faces the South" with Redd Volkaart (from Merle Haggard) on guitar and Lloyd Maines (that's right, he's from Texas) on pedal steel giving the strings a real workout. He also said he likes getting up early when he's not on the road.

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