Selena theory

A reader writes, positing an interesting theory:
"I have been a fan of Selena’s music, and promptly purchased a copy of your book “Como La Flor” when it was first published. I read it cover to cover within hours. As a die-hard fan, I was anxious to learn the facts.
I recently read a letter sent to you from another reader, in which you attempt to answer some unanswered questions, and even 12 years after the fact, it is difficult to truly clear up some of the inconsistencies. I am no expert, and I don’t have ANY of the answers myself… but could it have been that maybe, as rumored/hinted/what-have you, Abraham Quintanilla was in fact hiding an affair with Yolanda Saldivar? Could this have been a contributing factor to the mysterious ‘secret’ behind the whole unfolding of events?
I have long-maintained that I dislike the angle most people view Selena from: Highly revered, almost saintly, and always heavily laced with emotional undertones. Selena could have done no wrong! Selena was perfect! Selena was everyone’s dream child, everyone’s dream wife. That’s all fine and good, but there are a million directions from which her death was ultimately executed from… and people are too afraid to unmask the truth out of fear of marring her perfect image. At this point, and so long after the murder, what could Yolanda Saldivar possibly lose in speaking the truth, rather than coyly dodging and weaving around the facts? She killed a young entertainer… true. But she is not the witch the media has made her out to be. She is not the cold-blooded murderess the Quintanillas would like everyone to believe. There is a truth, and Abraham, I think, is biding his time, waiting for his own death to preserve his own selfish sanity and his positive image."

I wrote back and said the theory is interesting but I don't buy it for a number of reasons.

What do you think?

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