Kinney Water Wars

The Kinney County Water Wars story, published in Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine's July 2005 State of Springs issue
scored a gold in the Public Issues category at the International Regional Magazine Awards. The award was one of five golds, three silvers, two bronzes (including my story on "The Park That Time Forgot from April 05) and one Award of Merit won by TPW magazine.

I'm proud to be part of the team. Unfortunately, things have gotten uglier in Kinney County in the year and a half since the story ran, with property owners intent on selling their water to interests out of the county suing the Kinney Groundwater District. Don't be surprised if the good of the county is sacrificed for the profit of a few - it will happen again and again as long as Rule of Capture is law in Texas. To the water marketers, water is the New Oil, a commodity to be exploited, rather than the essence of life for all.

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